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Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.core

Subinterfaces of Type in de.deepamehta.core
 interface AssociationType
 interface TopicType
          Specification of a topic type -- part of DeepaMehta's type system, like a class.

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.core.impl

Classes in de.deepamehta.core.impl that implement Type
(package private)  class AttachedAssociationType
          An association type that is attached to the DeepaMehtaService.
(package private)  class AttachedTopicType
          A topic type that is attached to the DeepaMehtaService.
(package private)  class AttachedType

Methods in de.deepamehta.core.impl that return Type
(package private)  Type AttachedDeepaMehtaObject.getType()
(package private)  Type ValueStorage.getType(DeepaMehtaObjectModel model)
          Convenience method to get the (attached) type of a DeepaMehta object model.

Methods in de.deepamehta.core.impl with parameters of type Type
(package private)  void TypeStorageImpl.rebuildSequence(Type type)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.core.service

Methods in de.deepamehta.core.service with parameters of type Type
protected  void Migration.addTypeSetting(Type type, String setting, Object value)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.plugins.accesscontrol

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.accesscontrol with parameters of type Type
private  void AccessControlPlugin.enrichWithPermissions(Type type, Permissions permissions)
private  Permissions AccessControlPlugin.getPermissions(Type type)
private  void AccessControlPlugin.setupDefaultAccessControl(Type type)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.plugins.typeeditor

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.typeeditor that return Type
private  Type TypeEditorPlugin.fetchParentType(Association assoc)

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.typeeditor with parameters of type Type
private  void TypeEditorPlugin.addUpdateTypeDirective(Type type, Directives directives)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.plugins.webclient

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.webclient with parameters of type Type
private  void WebclientPlugin.updateViewConfig(Type type, Topic viewConfig)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.plugins.workspaces

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.workspaces with parameters of type Type
 void WorkspacesPlugin.assignTypeToWorkspace(Type type, long workspaceId)
private  boolean WorkspacesPlugin.isDeepaMehtaStandardType(Type type)
private  long WorkspacesPlugin.workspaceIdForType(Type type, ClientState clientState)

Uses of Type in de.deepamehta.plugins.workspaces.service

Methods in de.deepamehta.plugins.workspaces.service with parameters of type Type
 void WorkspacesService.assignTypeToWorkspace(Type type, long workspaceId)
          Assigns the specified type and all its view configuration topics to a workspace.

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