Class TopicReferenceModel

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  extended by de.deepamehta.core.model.DeepaMehtaObjectModel
      extended by de.deepamehta.core.model.TopicModel
          extended by de.deepamehta.core.model.TopicReferenceModel
All Implemented Interfaces:
Identifiable, JSONEnabled, Cloneable

public class TopicReferenceModel
extends TopicModel

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class de.deepamehta.core.model.DeepaMehtaObjectModel
composite, id, typeUri, uri, value
Constructor Summary
TopicReferenceModel(long topicId)
TopicReferenceModel(String uri)
Method Summary
 boolean isReferenceById()
 boolean isReferenceByUri()
 boolean isReferingTo(Topic topic)
          Checks weather this reference refers to the given topic.
 boolean isReferingToAny(List<Topic> topics)
          Checks weather this reference refers to any of the given topics.
Methods inherited from class de.deepamehta.core.model.TopicModel
clone, createRoleModel, toString
Methods inherited from class de.deepamehta.core.model.DeepaMehtaObjectModel
equals, getCompositeValueModel, getId, getSimpleValue, getTypeUri, getUri, hashCode, set, setCompositeValue, setId, setSimpleValue, setSimpleValue, setSimpleValue, setSimpleValue, setSimpleValue, setTypeUri, setUri, toJSON
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public TopicReferenceModel(long topicId)


public TopicReferenceModel(String uri)
Method Detail


public boolean isReferenceById()


public boolean isReferenceByUri()


public boolean isReferingTo(Topic topic)
Checks weather this reference refers to the given topic.


public boolean isReferingToAny(List<Topic> topics)
Checks weather this reference refers to any of the given topics.

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