Interface IntroduceAssociationTypeListener

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AccessControlPlugin, WebclientPlugin, WorkspacesPlugin

public interface IntroduceAssociationTypeListener
extends EventListener

### FIXDOC Allows a plugin to modify type definitions -- exisisting ones and future ones. Plugins get a opportunity to visit (and modify) each type definition extacly once.

This hook is triggered in 2 situations:

This hook is typically used by plugins which provide cross-cutting concerns by affecting all type definitions of a DeepaMehta installation. Typically such a plugin adds new data fields to types or relates types with specific topics.

Examples of plugins which use this hook:

Method Summary
 void introduceAssociationType(AssociationType assocType, ClientState clientState)

Method Detail


void introduceAssociationType(AssociationType assocType,
                              ClientState clientState)

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