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addTemplateResolverBundle(Bundle) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
addTemplateResolverBundle(Bundle) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
IMPORTANT: If you register your own bundle as a resource for thymeleaf templates you must call reinitTemplateEngine afterwards.


de.mikromedia.webpages - package de.mikromedia.webpages
de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations - package de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations
de.mikromedia.webpages.models - package de.mikromedia.webpages.models
doRedirectToWebsite(long) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin


getActiveMenuItems(Topic) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
Returns all topics of type de.mikromedia.menu.item related to the given `Website` topic.
getActiveMenuItems(Topic) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
Fetches all menut items related to the given website.
getAuthorNames() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getCreationDate() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getDescription() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getFrontpageView() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
The method managing the root resource / frontpage.
getHref() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
getId() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getLabel() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
getMainHTML() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getModificationDate() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getPageTitle() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getPageView(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
The methode serving anything on the first resource level at best this resolves to either a Webpage or a Webpage Redirect (301, 302) or 404.
getPageView(String, String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
Serving a specific webpage assigned to the website related to its given prefix (currently "username").
getPublishedWebpages(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
Lists all currently published webpages for the usernames website.
getPublishedWebpages(Topic) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
Lists and prepares all currently published webpages of the given website.
getPublishedWebpages(Topic) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
Fetches all published webpages related to the given website topic.
getPublishedWebpages(String) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
Fetches all published webpages related to the website associated with the username.
getStandardWebsite() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
Bring it back the old "Standard Site", give "admin" back her personal one!
getStandardWebsite() - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
Fetches the standard website topic.
getStylesheet() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getWebAlias() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
getWebsite() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
getWebsiteByUsername(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REST API Resources -----
getWebsiteByUsername(String) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
Fetches an existing or creates a new website topic (if non exists and the requesting user equals given username).
getWebsiteFrontpage(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin


init() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
isActive() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
isDraft() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel


menuItem - Variable in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
MenuItemViewModel - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages.models
MenuItemViewModel(long, CoreService) - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
Migration2 - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations
Migration2() - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration2
Migration3 - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations
Migration3() - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration3
Migration5 - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations
Assigns all our custom types to the public "Webpages" workspace.
Migration5() - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration5


overrideFrontpageTemplate(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
overrideFrontpageTemplate(String) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService


page - Variable in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel


reinitTemplateEngine() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
reinitTemplateEngine() - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
removeTemplateResolverBundle(Bundle) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
removeTemplateResolverBundle(Bundle) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
run() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration2
run() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration3
run() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.migrations.Migration5


setFrontpageAliases(HashMap) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
setFrontpageAliases(HashMap<String, String[]>) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService


toJSON() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.MenuItemViewModel
toJSON() - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel


view(String) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
view(String) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService
viewData(String, Object) - Method in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
viewData(String, Object) - Method in interface de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpageService


WebpagePlugin - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages
Collaborative, multi-site standard HTML webpages with DeepaMehta 4.
WebpagePlugin() - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
WEBPAGES_SHARING_MODE - Static variable in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
WEBPAGES_WS_NAME - Static variable in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
WEBPAGES_WS_URI - Static variable in class de.mikromedia.webpages.WebpagePlugin
WebpageService - Interface in de.mikromedia.webpages
Collaborative, multi-site standard HTML webpages with DeepaMehta 4.
WebpageViewModel - Class in de.mikromedia.webpages.models
WebpageViewModel(Topic) - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
WebpageViewModel(long, CoreService) - Constructor for class de.mikromedia.webpages.models.WebpageViewModel
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